1. Installed .NET 4.7.1

2. Windows 7,8,10 both x64 and x86 - ready to run
Windows Vista both x64 and x86 - service pack 2

3. Screen DPI set to 100% (It's required only if app text/labels are not displayed properly)

4. The newest version of Spooky2 is recommended, however it will work with any Spooky2 version from this list: 20200924, 20200715


Royal Rife Frequencies Manager
v1.007 - 2020.11.08

Please remember to keep backup of userdata folder where all your data and research is stored. Here you can watch short 2 min tutorial explaining how to upgrade to new version.

By downloading Royal Rife Frequencies Manager, you accept it as it is. The author is not liable for any losses caused by it. Please review Terms And Conditions.

Release Notes

Please Watch Release Notes & Updates on YouTube

Track Programs, added groups

Track Programs, added mouse right click menu options 'Add/Remove programs to Cache'

Track Programs, added 'Show Sessions' count between scans

Subject Activities List, added 'New Session from Cached Programs'

When 'New Session from Cached Programs' is being created, the previous session 'Sub Type' is automatically preselected