Royal Rife Frequencies Manager

Royal Rife Frequencies Manager is an app which will help you analyse royal rife frequencies responses. It works with the newest Spooky2 software and rife machine.

You can keep history of Scans and analyse them at any time. Analysis can be performed in many different ways. By the highest response value, by the highest percent of responses per program or both types combined and many more approaches.

With Scan results you can create a Session activities which will help you to narrow down programs which didn't result in any improvement, so eventually you will hit the right program.

For each program in Session activity you can add notes which might be helpful with further analysis. The same applies to all database programs where you can describe every program in your own words or in your native language.

You can also manage unlimited number of Subjects. It's perfect tool to keep all Scans and Sessions history in one place - and later, allow AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks to do it's magic. This highly advanced analysis feature will be added in the future version of Royal Rife Frequencies Manager.

Royal Rife Frequencies Manager contains huge database of programs, more than 55.000 in the time of writing, thanks to Spooky2 software from where that database originates.

Are you ready to take control?